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Operation: Forward Steps

​Starting on September 19th, we are going to be coordinating a nation-wide protest to bring visibility to a topic that affects everyone: ASD, Mental Health, and police.

Too many times to count, have folks with either Mental Illness or ASD been criminalized. Matthew Rushin was sentenced to 50 years (though he only has to do 10). Saraya Rees won't see daylight until well after she turns 21 (she is eligible for parole after she turns 25).

Most recently, Linden Cameron (13) was shot by police who were responding to a mental health call.

We are protesting and marching not just for these lives, but for all who are on the spectrum or have some kind of mental health issue.

​We want better policy. We want a better understanding and better training for our police. We believe that they can and should do better.

​To learn more about how to get involved, or wish to organize your own march in YOUR area, please use the contact form below.

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