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Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Dear Reader,

I hope that this letter finds you well. I am not well, currently. That has everything to do with what just happened to Linden Cameron. My depression has floored me; completely incapacitated me.

But you have to understand something: the police aren‘t the only ones at fault, here. We, as a society, are also to blame for these issues.

We allow the police to deal with these issues, because nobody else wants to deal with these issues. We could have mobile crisis workers. We do not. We have CRT officers, instead; which is basically a cop-turned-social worker.

We could have Non Emergency Medical Transportation come and transport the individual to the crisis bed or hospital. We do not do this; instead the police call for a Chapter, which the patient is more or less forced to sign, and the police escort you to the hospital. You don't have a choice. You're going.

This is literally the STUPIDIST system I've seen put in place. But, this is why the police were there, pertaining to Linden Cameron.

We here at Stim Factory have completely changed our focus. We WERE going to be focusing on launching our three (3) different apparel lines: NOYFB, Unapologetically Me, and the Stim Factory merchandise. We're not doing that, anymore. We've contracted all of that work out, and INSTEAD have been focusing JUST on both marching AND a solution.

We feel like we've found a solution...

Stim Factory is an organization that prides itself on being independent. So, we're going to be the solution for this. We are currently working here in Portage, Wi to prototype a three (3) pronged system to approach this issue.

First, we have a special team of some former military (to create JOBS for those who've served) folks, along with a crisis response worker. NO COPS. The doctrine we're introducing, along with the SOP/ROE, are COMPLETELY different than law enforcement. They will respond to any mental health calls and well being checks. While they are engaging with the subject, the crisis response worker will be making the contact with the subject. Those military guys/gals/NBs are trained to go hands on, working as a team, to subdue someone safely and effectively, IF IT COMES TO THAT. WE HOLD NO LETHAL WEAPONS ON OUR PERSON. Every responder is equipped with a Condor MOPC vest with NIJ lvl III+ plates (front, back, and two side plates as SOP), a Byrna Pepperball CO2 gun, and a Taser/flashlight combo. Now, it is important to note: the police and EMS will be standing by, in case things escalate to the point of mortal danger, or if the subject we respond to needs medical care. But the important thing is that the crisis response worker creates that rapport; speaking softly, focusing on the subject, de-escalating the situation (if applicable), and getting on the subject's level. Once we get the situation under control, we go to the next step.

The next step is transportation. Transportation consists of your crisis working riding with you and one security person, and a driver. Inside the vehicle (most likely a minivan), there will be a "de-escalation kit". This includes a small variety of stimmy stuff, along with a tablet to either connect to youtube, or listen to music, or both children and adult coloring books. If you're already onboarded into our system, then we'll know what to bring (we ask those questions as we get to know you).

Then, we either bring the subject to our facility, or to the psychiatric hospital. This depends on the severity of the Cause for Contact (CfC). This is up to the state, county, and insurance. However, it is most duly noted that the more "acute" (hate that fucking term) crisis calls are going to be transported to us at the Center. So, let's talk about that.

Our center is being designed to not restrict the freedoms of those "clients" who walk into our doors. We go outside for walks around the community. We have outdoor smoke breaks every hour. Our BHAs (Behavioral Health Associate) are on the floor 24/7 doing things with the clients; actively engaging (like they SHOULD be doing, in my opinion). You're coming there to disengage; to destress...unwind. It's not like a hospital. We do have a few groups we would be leading, but nothing like how a hospital works.

Now...let's talk about something here. Let's talk about the ACAB folks for a second.

Now, I know that there is a myriad of people seeing our links...we advertise everywhere. We understand that. Most of the hate, so far, as been because of a post with our CoSMO Angel Ready posing for a photo op with someone from our local PD. The reason for that photo, is because we believe that by building that bridge with the police agencies across the U.S., then we don't have to worry about them not giving us what we want: the autonomy to be first responders to these calls, train how WE think we should handle them (as opposed to how the POLICE think we should), and then transport them.

It's not that we suddenly don't care about Autistics, or those in mental health crisis being shot. It's the exact opposite of that. It is literally the exact opposite of that, and to be accused as such by some pissed off, blinded with rage people who then start spitting their venom at myself and my doesn't just make me angry; it makes me want to cry.

You're just going to have to either trust me on this, or go ahead and be BIG MAD, because we aren't going to stop. We are going to push this prototype operation through, and we need to police to AT THE VERY LEAST THINK we're on the same side (because, in all honesty...let's be real. In reality, we're basically smiling as we reach into their pockets slowly, and taking their money. "You've done messed up, A-Aron," we'd say. "You done messed up. So, lemme just get all them mental health calls up outcha, bruh.").

We're going to continue to march.

"They're going to be pissed. They're going to see us in photos...they're going to see us in the news...we're going to be handshaking these bastards. That's okay. It's their choice to get mad. But it isn't their choice if they get shot, or arrested and pushed some bullshit plea deal like Matthew [Rushin] did. Let them get mad. But let them see what we're doing, and the reason those handshakes had to happen."-Me, back in Sept at a meeting.

But we do need to be more transparent. So, from here on:

  • we're going to zoom our meetings, open to the public.

  • we're going to post recordings of our meetings here.

  • we're going to allow people to see our documents, as we post them to the board for review.

If anyone else has anything else pertaining to this matter that they'd like to see happen, or changed, contact me directly:

Thank you all, love you all!


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