The FatheringAutism Litigation Facts Page

On this page, you'll find everything you need to know regarding our plans for litigation against ASA MAASS, PRICILLA MAASS, STEPHANIE & LONNIE PESTERFIELD, SELFIE WRLD JAX (via their agent @ Cluckey and Tebault), SELFIE STUDIO IOWA (DBA SELFIE WRLD), FACEBOOK, inc, TWITTER, PATREON, YOUTUBE, AMAZON, inc, WEGO HEALTH and other sponsors and partners that support their channel and platform that is used to harass and harm not only our business as a brand but our employees as well.

This is not a "hate" page.  This is not another "gossip" column.  These are things that were said, things that were done, and things that MIGHT have been done (which is why we're seeking litigation).  It's also true that we're not haters, trolls, or anything of the like. For example, our Visionary Co-founder Joie Thompson used to be "friends" (as close as possible with someone via the internet, anyway) with Asa and Priscilla.  He doesn't hate them.  But he's also not afraid to call them out on their BS, either, just like real friends should do.  Since Joie started doing that,  Asa has blocked, provoked, and outright ridiculed Joie and other autism advocates for disagreeing with him.  He's had channels taken down because of his rabid fans, and Asa tells them to go after the channel owners in his videos.

We will not stand for this. We are prepared to fight this harassment in court. The damage that has been done to our brand and individuals within our organization will not be ignored. We will not play "nice" and allow bygones to be bygones. There has been too much intended intimidation to let this go any longer. Keep an eye on this page, as it will be where updates will appear.