Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Questions

Who are you guys?

We're essentially a bunch of pissed off folks with disabilities, who are tired of not having solutions to the everyday problems we face. So, instead of using nothing but feel good buzzwords, we want to show the world that we are actually inspired to create the changes we despritely need. You can learn more about the team here.

Are you a scam?

Yes. We invested all of this personal time and money just to take your hard earned dollars, with nothing to show for it. Eat a dick.

What kind of products will you be offering?

Eventually, we will be offering a robust combination of Apparel, sponsored creator merch, stim toys, subscription boxes, coffee, customizable accents for accessibility accessories (hand controls, ear defenders, etc) and more. Our Apparel line is scheduled to launch October 1st, so please check back in as often as possible. Site members that have joined us now will recieve a PROMOTIONAL CODE for 20% off!

What is Stim Factory's stance on ABA therapy?

ABA is a nuanced topic that Stim Factory respects as such. We at Stim Factory believe that we need more options to the current resources that are available to us-whether it's ABA or OT/Speech. Just like our activism, we enter no relm of civil discourse without a soft plan of attack. We will be addressing this issue more indepth in just a few weeks, so please check back. In the mean time, just know that we do not think that ABA therapy is the best, nor the ONLY solution; and that we are working hard to come up with a more comprehensive plan of attack that will better suit everyone.