About us

Stim Factory is a 'by us, for us' organization that provides services & products to the disability, autistic, and chronic illness spaces. We specialize in media, programs and services for adults due to lack of depth within the market, but we do also offer limited services for children as well. We aim to bridge the gap and empower those within these spaces.

Living Wages​


Beginning as a socioeconomic algorithm to help empower the working poor & the homeless, the Turner Method for Living Wages is an independent calculator that we choose to apply to help make sure we are all on an equal playing field. You are NOT a plot on an actuary table. No one understands that better than us. That's why we use this algorithm to find how much you should make here, working with us as an employee.


**NOTICE: Due to COVID-19, we are not able to hire anyone now. Any current employment opportunities will be posted on our 'Careers' page.**

Who We Are

No BS; only solutions.  By Us, For Us.  Sua Sponte.

What is Sua Sponte?


It's Latin for "of our own accord". We are sick and tired (some of us literally) of not having accessible work with useful accommodations or understanding leadership, suffering on a wage that can't sustain us in our advanced needs.


​ We basically said "screw this", and are working to fix the problems within our community by ourselves; by creating products, services, and digital media we can create a space where ALL of us feel safe, represented, and a part of a tighter and broader community of support.

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What we do

Destroy, create, build

We envision a world where people of all talents and abilities are given the opportunity to work in an environment where they thrive. We want to DESTROY the system where employees are placed in a position based on what is the company needs and nothing else. We also want to DESTROY the "advocacy" we see on social media. We need to become one, cohesive group. No more snarking at each other for differing opinions. 

We partner with businesses big and small to use our very own, proprietary sabermetrics formula that we use here in-house to help CREATE new job positions and work strategies that are accommodating to people with disabilities.  Implementing these will change the way that businesses THINK about how to hire and accommodate those people so that they're no longer marginalized.  Stim Factory is committed to solving this issue and we are dedicated to taking the lead on these strategies and advocacy opportunites.

The products BUILT by Stim Factory are not only of the highest quality, but we play test them ourselves, and SOON we will have our own front office space where kids and adults from all over the disability spectrum can come and playtest our products; it's respite, AND it helps the community.  Family members that are caregivers or guardians can take advantage of this opportunity to utilize our lounge, which has peer support, an onsite stylist, massuse, and the most important part: SNACKS!  We aim to have our products available in various options to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for, from sensory items to assistive technology devices; all made here in the little town of Portage, Wisconsin-and from help with our local disability friends as well!  




Meet the Team

We here at Stim Factory work hard to bring you the content, products, and services you need. Here is an introduction to the team behind the scenes.


Joie Thompson,


Joie has always been controversial.  However, that doesn't mean that he doesn't care.  When he created this organization, it was because the special needs community needed more robust adult services, along with accessible careers that pay a living wage.

Hey everyone! I’m Merissa, and I’m the shyest people-person you’ll ever meet. No, seriously. Anyway, when I’m not wrangling people to do the right thing - a regular Jiminy Cricket - I’m playing games and spending way too much time writing. I’m hoping to bring a strong base of support and understanding to our endeavors, while making sure we’re respecting everyone. I’m a member of the LGBT community, and was denied an ADHD diagnosis as a kid because of my grades, so I know what it’s like to not have the support you need and have to struggle to still meet the expectations of those around you. I want to see people flourish, and hope that we can give people the tools they need to move forward in their lives.

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(NP) Omar Lopez

Omar hasn't submitted his piece, as of yet.  Stay tuned!


Angel Ready

Project Lead

Hello, I am Angel. I'm the Project Lead for Operation: Forward Steps here at Stim Factory. I'm striving to make the world a more beautiful place. Together with the team I'm trying to bridge the gap between people, to create a better future.

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Sue Aldene

Sue hasn't submitted her piece yet.  Stay tuned!

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